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Avoid Burdensome US Regulations AND Gain Access to Millions of International Investors …

Take Your US Company

Public in Europe!

It’s Faster … It’s Easier … And It Comes With Benefits Simply Not Available With OTCBB & Pink Sheets

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All the Advantages of Going Public …

With None of the Over Regulations & High Compliance Costs of the US Market

A decision to go public can be very beneficial for a growing business. It opens the company up to a much lower cost of capital for one thing.

While private companies often have trouble securing capital and often have to give up larger pieces of themselves in order to get it …

Public companies are typically able to come up with capital much easier.
Investors are attracted to public companies because the stock is much more liquid than an investment in a private company.

Going public also offers companies many other benefits, including:

  • Prestige
  • An ability to attract higher qualified employees thanks to stock options and grants
  • An ability to use stock as currency in mergers and acquisitions

The problem many companies are running into is that since the American government passed the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in 2002, compliance has become much more difficult and compliance costs have soared.

One way to avoid these issues is to go public in Europe.

The Benefits of Listing in Europe …

Avoid US over-regulation
European regulations are more relaxed (there is no SEC or SOx) and there are no monthly or annual fees
European tax advantages
encourage investors to hold onto stocks for a longer period than is common in the US
In Europe, companies
gain access to millions of international investors who like to avoid high American broker fees
European markets

are more accommodating to SMEs and thus have lower costs and more manageable rules

Listing costs in Europe

can be as much as a third lower than they are in the US

Being on the European

market enhances the profile of your company and helps globalize your brand

Focus on green investments

so businesses involved in electric cars, environmental issues and clean technologies are likely to find eager investors in Europe

There are NO restrictions

for US investors –they have the freedom to buy shares in Europe just as they would on an American exchange

Take Your Company Public Much Faster!

While getting listed through OTCBB or Pink Sheets in America could take six to 12 months …

Your company could get listed on a European exchange in just six weeks!

At Swordblade, we specialize in helping US businesses go public in Europe. We are experts in the process and can guide you so that your company is able to go public and reap all the benefits that accompany that as fast, inexpensively and conveniently as possible!
In no time you could be enjoying all the benefits of going public, like:
  • Dramatically expanded capital
  • Increased stature in the business community
  • Being able to atract new and greator numbers of investors
  • And gaining greater awareness form the public
And you could enjoy all those benefits without having to go the biggest disadvantage of the going public process:
  • The time and effort that going public can require from a business’s leaders

Experts say that if a company chooses to go public in the US its management is likely to be occupied with little else during the entire IPO process, which may last as long as two years!

Here’s why: The business owner and other top managers must first get familiar with the going public process, then they will have to learn how to prepare registration statements for the SEC, consult with investment bankers, attorneys, and accountants, and take part in the personal marketing of the stock.

Owners and managers often find this to be an exhaustive, complicated process and to make matters worse, with their attention focused on going public the performance of the business usually suffers … so much so, in fact, that many small businesses never actually make it to the public markets at all.

At Swordblade, we make getting listed on a European market quick and stress-free. We’ll guide you step by step so you can continue to put your energy into growing your business.

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