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The Vienna MTF

Technical Connectivity:  Excellent

Investor Reach: EU, especially German speaking countries

Prospectus Needed: No
Overall Listing Project Cost €/$: 150,000

Dual Listing: Only higher segments of the Vienna Stock Exchange

Vienna MTF appeals to investors with simplified procedures methods and competitive fees.

Here’s what Sebastian says:

“The Vienna stock exchange is connected to Frankfurt’s super trading platform XETRA. This means that wherever investors can buy Frankfurt listed stocks they can also buy stocks listed in Vienna. Great for smaller companies, expecially those with German speaking investor pool.”

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Vienna MTF appeals to investors with simplified procedures methods and competitive fees.

Why Consider Vienna MTF?

Known to be one of the oldest exchanges in the world, The Vienna Stock Exchange is an exchange-regulated market situated in Austria. A more recent addition to its thriving stock market is Vienna MTF, which is a multilateral trading facility. With a simplified listing method and appealing costs, ‘taking a company’ public here can save on expenses while opening your business up to a diverse selection of investors.

There are two parts to the MTF – the ‘direct market,’ and ‘direct market plus.’ The first has a more open approach, while the latter has more stringent listing requirements for anyone wishing to trade here, such as only listing businesses which have existed for at least a year.

The MTF itself is still quite new – this means that it’s growing, therefore, it’s more lenient in its requirements. These factors appeal to more companies and build financial capital, which makes it a popular platform for both Austrian and foreign companies to ‘go public.’

Due to the support of Xetra, the MTF benefits from high connectivity. In comparison to other stock exchanges, electronic stock trading here is far less complicated, which therefore is likely to generate much more liquid stock. Also, there’s no added hassle of registering with broker-dealers. Would you like to learn more about the Stock Exchange Market in London? Click here.

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