Floating On The
Aquis Growth Market
in London

Technical Connectivity:  Limited without dual listing

Investor Reach: UK only without dual listing, worldwide reach with dual listings

Prospectus Needed: No
Overall Listing Project Cost €/$: 150,000

Dual Listing: Open Market Frankfurt, OTC New York

This London based financial hub is all about supporting smaller businesses and allowing them to grow.

Here’s what Sebastian says:

“For growing companies, AQSE is a great alternative to the London Stock Exchange’s AIM if you want to float in London. The recently added dual listing capabilities in Frankfurt and New York which greatly enhance investor reach and make this market a hot tip for taking your company public.”

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This London based financial hub is all about supporting smaller businesses and allowing them to grow.

Why consider Aquis Growth Market?

London has long been regarded as one of the biggest financial hubs in the world. It’s home to one of the largest financial centres, which attracts investors from all over the world.


The Aquis Stock Exchange Market offers both primary and secondary markets for equity and debt securities.

For smaller companies seeking to go public in London, the Aquis Growth Market, a subsidiary of the Aquis Stock Exchange Market, seems to be a more feasible option as it eliminates the high costs associated with the AIM Stock Market. It’s designed with flexibility in mind and doesn’t discriminate against business type and capital.

Many first-time companies see the advantages of investing at the Growth Market, over London’s AIM, as the fees and entry requirements are far more open. One such reason for this is because AIM requires the appointment of a NOMAD and a Broker, white the Growth Market only requires an Exchange Corporate Advisor. However, although a reputable place for early companies and those with low capital, currently Aquis is unable to compete on the same level as AIM, whose combined market capitalisation is around 50 times as high.

An important aspect worth noting, is unlike other stock exchanges, Aquis has no industry led focus, which means you won’t be rejected on your industry credentials.


Aquis Growth Market Criteria List

Although more accommodating than many markets, there’s still a list that a company needs to be able to tick off before they can apply.

Aquis Growth Market Important Points of Interest

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