7 Best Stock Markets to
Float Your Growing Company

There’s a world out there and it’s bursting with investment opportunities. That’s why here at Swordblade & Co we don’t limit ourselves to exploring the available stock markets in just one country, instead, we value the importance of worldwide investment, and how important it is for you to promote your brand, and find stockholders in your business that will allow your company to reach new audiences and financially grow. From the UK to further afield, now is the time to invest, and to secure in the future.

All stock exchanges maintain a network of accredited corporate advisors (sometimes called Capital Market Partners, Nomads, Listing Partners etc). A company going public on an exchange will require to hire one of these corporate advisors. They will guide the company through the going public process, prepare there forms and documents required by the exchange and vet the company according to the requirements of the exchange.

Please Note:  In the spirit of independence and open-mindedness, Swordblade & Co is not affiliated with any exchange. Instead, we have build a trusted network of corporate advisors at each exchange that we refer our clients to.

Nasdaq First North


Open Market Frankfurt

Alternative Investment Market (AIM) London

London Stock Exchange
Main Market

OTCQB Venture
Market New York

Aquis Growth Market

Nasdaq First North Copenhagen

MTF Vienna

Open Market Frankfurt

Alternative Investment Market (AIM) London

London Stock Exchange Main Market

OTCQB Venture Market New York

Aquis Growth Market London

UK Stock Markets

Times are changing for the UK stock markets – Brexit plays a key part in this. Although this raises uncertainties, some things are unchangeable. The UK will always trade with the rest of Europe, and London is likely to always remain one of the most influential financial centres in the world. The British financial institute have clearly stated that they are adamant on maintaining positive relations with the EU. To avoid added complications, the UK are also ensuring that the majority of applicable EU laws continue to apply.

Back in 1995 The London Stock Exchange launched AIM to mixed reviews. Many established investors looked upon this new investment market with skepticism, and they found it hard to envisage a market designed with early stage companies in mind ever succeeding. One fear was that this new way of investing may affect business in the Main Market. This didn’t prove apt, as The Main Market continues to dominate the UK stock exchange, with over 1000 overseas companies on their listings.

Following in Aim’s footsteps, London-based Aquis Growth Market has opened up investment opportunities to smaller companies, and provides a lucrative platform for start up companies to flourish.

European Stock Markets

Don’t make the mistake of overlooking Europe – it may not sound like the finance capital, but it has a pivotel impact in the financial world. Not only is it home to some of the oldest stock markets in the world but with the recent development of growth markets such as Vienna MTF, smaller companies are now able to consider taking a company public, without the crippling fees and application methods.

Home to many different cultures, economic structures, and political beliefs the geographical diversification found in Europe is an appealing aspect for investors. Here, companies can invest in an ever changing and developing economy, without the same limitational refinements that may come with investing elsewhere.

USA Stock Markets

For many, investing in the USA may seem like the pivotel ‘made it’ point for a company. There’s no doubting that the bustling financial centres found here are impressive, as are the vast shares and capital.

The US maintains dominance in the financial world. Back in 1792 the NYSE began trading securities, since then it’s grown into the financial mecca that it is today. You don’t have to be a Broker to have heard of Wall Street, and to know that there’s plenty of opportunities to make some serious dollars here.

As the middle-tier of the OTC markets, New York’s OTCQB makes it possible for smaller companies to take a company public, and get a taste of the US profits. Investment opportunities like this are proof that the US financial sector sees the potential in smaller companies, and have therefore provided a place for them to apply for a listing. This opens up opportunities to grow a company profile, without having to compete against the global giants of the financial world.