Words have meaning and names have power

All names begin somewhere, and here at Swordblade & Co we put some thought into ours. Taking inspiration from our London heritage and location, we named ourselves after The Hollow Sword Blade Company, a bank built back in 1691.

Located in Birchin Lane, a short street running north-south between Cornhill Street and Lombard Street, this bank was next to the renown Royal Exchange, in which our office resides.

Although not related to the original Swordblade bank we chose this name because to us, it is significant in how we see ourselves, as we too are rooted in the tradition of the City of London where we believe we firmly belong.

To us, this name symbolises strength, growth and development. Foundations that grew from nothing, and went on to play an influential part in the rise of London’s financial sector.

Being fortunate enough to have our office in the Royal Exchange, we have the privilege of looking out onto the street where our namesake began. This in itself is extremely inspiring to us, and we know how fortunate we are to be here.

Now an iconic part of London, The Royal Exchange has its own intriguing story to tell. Founded back in the 16th Century by the merchant Sir Thomas Gresham, its roots began as a commercial marketplace. The ‘royal’ part of its name was justly given because it was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth I.

Over the years it has been destroyed by two fires, including The Great Fire of London in 1666, and again in 1838. Both times it rose from the ashes and although maintaining its original 4-sided layout design and central courtyard, it now features design influences from both the Pantheon in Rome, and the Renaissance period.

As well as being home to 24 iconic paintings that depict the history of Britain throughout time, this Grade I listed building also accommodates restaurants, cafes, luxury boutiques, and of course, offices.

Here at Swordblade & Co we are proud of the meaning behind our name, and the growth this area of London has achieved. This, in turn is fitting for us, as our mission is to guide and advise companies so that they can also grow, and develop for generations to come, just as this iconic street in London has