Questions in regard to going public

  • Are there minimum requirements for going public?
    Yes. As well as varying rules depending on where you intend to list your company, there are also other factors to take into account such as the size of the company, growth margins and rate of growth. More information on this can be found on our taking a company public page.
  • How many shareholders does my company need to go public?
    With a PLC company a minimum of two shareholders are needed. A PLC company is applicable in the UK, while the rules for this altar in different countries. To find out more refer to corporate structures.
  • Do I need a prospectus before I can list my company?
    In most cases, then yes, a prospectus is first needed before a listing can proceed. There are a few exceptions to this, all the relevant information can be found on EU and UK prospectus requirements.
  • What are the benefits of going public?
    Taking a company public is a big decision to make but can lead to many benefits such as a raise in initial growth capital, an increase in company credibility, and access to long-term investment capital. Read more about this on our taking a company public page.
  • What number of shares should I sell?
    There is no set number. Instead, this is all dependent on factors such as the valuation of your company, amounts owed to existing shareholders and the required fundraising.
  • Is it possible for an American company to go public in Europe?
    With its wealth of cultures and diversification, notably lower listing costs and ease of regulations then it’s not surprising that the European markets attract investors from across the globe, including many investors from the USA. More information can be found on our USA clients page.
  • What is the difference between a direct listing and an IPO?
    A direct listing is where existing shares are sold to the public, whereas an IPO is where company shares are created and offered to the public. Although pros and cons for both, for smaller companies we advise a direct listing as the costs and risks are significantly lower. For a further explanation on this please refer to direct listing vs IPO.
  • Will Brexit affect any UK listings?
    Naturally Brexit has arisen many questions - this is understandable, considering the large amount of uncertainty that surrounds it. Although we can’t say for sure what the implication of post-Brexit will be, we know that the UK are eager for business to carry on as usual. Find out more about this on our Brexit page.
  • Which markets do you advise on?
    We work closely with four growth markets across the UK, Europe and the US. These are especially suited to SMEs and start-up companies who want to go public without the high costs and lengthy regulation procedures that come with listing on the Main Market. The markets we advise on are: • Nasdaq First North - Copenhagen • Vienna MTF - Austria • AQSE Growth Market - London • OTCQB Venture Market - New York To learn more about these please refer to our stock markets page.
  • What funding options do you advise on?
    Some of the funding options we advise on are IPOs, cash shells, pre-float funding, alternative finance and bonds. Further information can be found on our funding options page. If you can’t find information on the funding option you’re interested in then please contact our team who can advise you further.
  • Do you specialise in certain sectors?
    We have experience in a wide range of sectors including construction, aerospace and leisure. To see a longer list of the sectors with specialize in then please view sectors.
  • How long is the holding period with an IPO?
    The ‘lock up’ period usually lasts between 90 to 180 days - during this time company shareholders can’t sell their stocks. For more information on this please refer to IPOs.

Questions regarding a consultation

Below are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding a consultation. However, we cover more information on this area on our consultation page.

If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for then please contact us with your query and a member of our team will get back to you with the relevant information.

  • Where is your office?
    You will find our office in the historic Royal Exchange building in London.
  • How are consultations held?
    You can choose between a phone call, Skype call, or to meet in person London.
  • Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?
    If within the first 15-minutes you’re not 100% happy with your consultation, then you can choose to end it. On doing so you will receive a full refund.
  • Am I obligated to book ongoing consultations?
    No, absolutely not. We appreciate that some of our clientele are only looking for a one-time discussion where they can clarify certain details and ask the necessary questions. Whether you book a one-time consultation or plan to continue working with us, we will always advise, inform, and share our wealth of knowledge.
  • Why don’t you offer a free initial consultation?
    As accommodating as we are to potential new clients, we also have an obligation to our ongoing clientele and feel it would be unfair for us to dilute our time by offering free consultations. We have interest from a large number of prospective clients, so know that free consultations would prove both popular and very time-consuming. Ultimately, this just wouldn't be a feasible way of practise for us, nor would it be fair on our current clients, partners and employees. However, our client support team is on-hand to provide free of charge, no-hold obligation information on our range of services. You can contact them via email or by telephone.
  • Am I guaranteed open and unbiased advice?
    We pride ourselves on providing professional and expert advice - therefore, we would never withhold our knowledge from you for tactical reasons. We want to enable you to make the best possible decisions about your business, so we approach each consultation with the same dedication and high level of service as the last.
  • My question will only take five-minutes, do I still have to pay for the full hour?
    When it comes to matters of law then one question often leads to another, and so on. It is highly unlikely that your question will only take a few minutes. Listing a company is a complex procedure that acquires careful consideration and exploration of avenues, therefore, it’s advisable to take advantage of the full time. If the meeting ends earlier than the full hour duration, then a further consultation can be arranged to fulfil the remaining time. In fact, many of our clients prefer to split the consultation into two parts, as this allows for them to clarify a point raised with their accountants, or to address to us any additional questions that arise after our first consultation. However, if you still have any doubts about the time needed for your questions then please contact our team with your query.
  • How am I charged for further consultations?
    All consultancy expenses are usually charged on a monthly basis.
  • Do I have to book further appointments online?
    No, after the initial consultation, you can arrange further meetings through our office.
  • How long will I have to wait for an appointment?
    This usually takes place within a week of the placed booking. However, if you seek urgent advice, then it may be possible to arrange a meeting sooner but this can’t be guaranteed.
  • I can’t get to London but I’d prefer a face to face meeting, is it possible to meet Mr. Sauerborn somewhere else?
    Mr Sauerborn is a frequent traveller, who is often in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Therefore, it may be possible to schedule a meeting with him in these countries. If this doesn’t prove possible then we recommend a telephone or Skype call. As these methods still allow for the examination and explaining of all the relevant questions.
  • Can I split the consultation across two parts?
    Absolutely. Sometimes we actually recommended this approach - especially if you need to go away and clarify something with your accountant. We’re aware that a consultation covers a lot of ground, therefore splitting the meeting across two parts allows for further processing time and so forth.
  • What happens if the consultation lasts longer than the hour?
    In certain circumstances it may be possible to extend the consultation. If we’re unable to do this then we can arrange another consultation for you. In this case we will add any further expenses to your monthly billing statement.
  • What proof of identity do I need to provide?
    We will need verification of both your name and address through two separate means of verification. These can include a copy of your passport, driver’s license, identity card, a bank statement and bills such as water, gas and electric. Please note that we do not accept expired documentation. You can send an image of these to us via email or scan them. We accept PDF and common image formats.

Further questions

  • Why should I choose your company?
    Quite simply because we are polite, professional and deliver expert advice. We hope we’ve managed to convey this across to you but if you would like to hear what some of our clients have to say about us, then please refer to our testimonials.
  • Do I have to accept your advice?
    No, you don't. It is your company, so any decisions concerning it resides with you. Our job is to advise and recommend avenues we believe best suit your business but it’s entirely up to you if you choose to follow our advice.
  • Do you organise meetings with investors?
    If we match a client with an investor then we will do our best to organise a meeting. We also set up roadshows, where meetings with multiple investors take place across the duration of a week.
  • Is it possible for you to attend the investment meetings?
    Yes, it is. We appreciate that these meetings are at times a daunting experience, especially when they concern small companies that are new to this. Therefore, Mr Sauerborn is happy to attend them with you, and serve as a host, in which he prompts you to showcase your company in the best light. You can find out more about this on our Information for investors page.