We can guide and advise but the adventure is yours to undertake.

There’s no easy route – finding that lucrative investment deal isn’t always easy but then when has something worthwhile ever been easy to achieve?

Here at Swordblade & Co we know that hard work and sheer determination can pay off. The most successful businesses are those that don’t give-up, instead, they go from one meeting to the next and the passion for their company remains lucid.

To find an investor for your company, then first, you need to be able to promote it. Basically, you have to eat, sleep, dream and repeat all things related to your company. It’s important to realise the reality of the undertakings needed to find suitable investors. There is no simple process, instead, a business relationship must first be made, trust built, and foundations set.

This is a process that would receive no benefit from being rushed, therefore it takes time and dedication to achieve the desired results.

Where we come in

Many companies seek help finding possible investors – they do this because it opens them up to a wealth of professional advice and connections that they didn’t previously know and have.

Although we can’t guarantee you that million-pound investment deal, what we can do is support you through the preparation stage, set up possible meetings, and help you navigate the industry.

Raising money is hard work, which is why professional entrepreneurs devote their life to travelling the globe and participating in meetings to raise the funds they need.

There is no easy route but this is the world of business, although rewarding, it’s not for the faint-hearted. Instead, it’s for the determined, the risk-takers and those who above all else believe in their business.

What we can do

When it comes to finding investors it comes down to two things – who you know, and who knows you.

Connections are vital, as investors don’t want to waste their precious time meeting some company owners they’ve never heard of. Therefore, with our name and reputation we’re able to approach investors and where possible, set up meetings on your behalf. With us involved investors are far more willing to further explore business opportunities involving your company.

We understand that these meetings can be a daunting process. Although we can’t control the meetings for you, we can advise, assist and even attend them alongside you. Our role is as host, we gently guide and prompt so that our clients promote their business in the best possible light. These investors don’t want to hear about your business from us, they want to hear about it from you.

We can’t delegate your time for you but we can provide not only support, but also crucial information and advice. Before any meetings take place we can advise you on your presentations, business goals, website, and how to approach investors.

Our advice is paramount, we hold vital information that no amount of research can teach, instead, we’ve learned this information through first-hand experience. We have insider knowledge which we can share with you and use to best prepare you for meeting investors. We know what they’re looking for, and the questions they’re most likely to ask.

We have many contacts, and depending on your business industry and goals, sometimes we are able to introduce you. However, we have no say over the investor and if they decide to invest in your business or not, that’s their decision to make, not ours.

What we can do is help you navigate the industry, showcase your company in the best light, and where possible, arrange meetings.

Trade shows and roadshows

Trade shows are an excellent way to meet a selection of potential investors while having an insight into the business world. We can go with you to trade shows, set up meetings and support you while you promote your business.

We can also organise roadshows, which take place across the UK and Europe, or in the US, these span across a week, in which time we arrange around 20 meetings for you. We set these meetings up with investors we know, by contacting other investors via platforms such as LinkedIn, and by sending out portfolios. We accompany our clients and support them throughout the process. These are great opportunities for our clients to meet a host of potential investors and get across the values and character of their company.

Avoid the shortcuts

When it comes to investment opportunities then it’s likely you’ve heard of boiler room operations. These code callers ring up companies and use high-pressure selling techniques to engage their interest. Yes, they may provide them with the money they need, but, as with everything there’s a catch.

Not only is this method of investment illegal but it also comes with excruciatingly high commission fees (usually around the 60% mark). Not only does this result in higher costs in the long-run but instead of having a reputable investor behind your company, you have crooks whose only interest is making fast-money. If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Selling out your business isn’t rewarding, nor does it end up being cost-effective. The fact remains that everything worth doing takes time and there is no accolade in rushing towards the end goal.

Meeting possible investors and building up your reputation is part of the process, and although hard-work and time-consuming, the outcome has the possibility to be very rewarding.

There is no validity in taking a life hack in business, as these are not credible and they will do little to promote your company as a reputable and growing business.

Be in the know

Don’t fall into the trap of illusion over reality. Finding investors is hard work which takes time, dedication and diligence. Put yourself in the investor’s mindset, they don’t want to hand over a sizable amount of money to just anyone, nor do they want to associate their name with a company without first weighing up the benefits of doing so. They need to be sure that they’re making the right decision. This is why meetings are so crucial, as they allow the investor to meet the people behind the company, and to ask all the questions they have.

With our expertise we can provide paramount guidance and advise, however, we can’t guarantee success, as that is primarily down to you. We lay the foundations for you to build upon, the rest is up to you.

Investing is a numbers game, there are so many avenues for both the company and investors to consider. Financial constructions are just as important as the company themselves. And when an investor gives the green light and agrees to fund your company, the money doesn’t change hands straight away. In fact, this process usually takes around three months to secure.

It’s our job to guide you along the way but we can’t delegate for you. You need to apply hard work, diligence and determination in order to succeed. It’s important that you manage your expectations and understand that there is no magic solution. The road to business success involves many planned meetings, unseen failures and potholes but it also has the potential to arise many opportunities for your company.

Successful entrepreneurs all have similar traits in common, they persevere, don’t seek to rush the process, and above all else, they manage their expectations. This doesn’t just happen overnight but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. It can, it just takes time, effort and a drive to succeed.

Next Steps

If your company is planning to go public and raise funds on the capital markets, we look forward to hearing from you.

The easiest way to get started is to request a free evaluation. By providing minimal information about your company and capital needs, we will be able to provide you with a quick assessment by email. In most cases we can tell you if your business is ready to go public, or not yet.

We’ll also let you know if we think that Swordblade & Co are a good fit for your flotation plans, and anything else that we may think can help you.

Alternatively, if you are ready to talk in depth about floating your company, we recommend you arrange a paid consultation with one of our partners. It can usually be scheduled within a few days and is the fastest way to get detailed advice.