The UK Public
Limited Company (PLC)

Full Name: Public Limited Company

Country: England & Wales

Minimum Capital: £50,000 (at least 25% paid up)

Minimum Nominal Value: Any

No of Directors: 2

Audit Exemption Available:  No

A UK PLC is one of the most popular corporate vehicles to take a company public, accepted by stock exchanges worldwide.  UK public limited companies benefit from easy access to lots of specialists such as advisers, auditors, accountants, solicitors and lawyers. 

UK PLCs must be registered with Companies House and have at least two directors, a company secretary and a minimum share capital of £50,000. These flexible investment vehicles can benefit from a low minimum nominal value and different share classes. As the UK has no withholding tax, dividends are paid gross to international shareholders. 

However, it is worth pointing out there have been some issues with UK PLCs because of Brexit. For example, new tax implications for EU citizens when they transfer ownership of their business to a UK public limited company.

These issues have to be carefully considered when evaluating the UK PLC.