THE Delaware Corporation (INC)

Full Name: C-Corporation

Country: Delaware (USA)

Minimum Capital: Any or none

Minimum Nominal Value: Any or none

No of Directors: 1

Audit Exemption Available: Yes

Delaware Corporations are legally registered in the state of Delaware but can conduct business anywhere. National and international companies have long used them to as holding companies. In fact, US based investors simply expect to be investing into a Delaware based Delaware LLC holding company.

Delaware is the oldest state in America and the most popular place to incorporate because of its business-friendly environment with great tax benefits. More than 50% of all US publicly traded companies are incorporated in Delaware, including Facebook and Apple.

We use Delaware Corporations for raising funds in the USA and for no other purpose. The advantages of incorporation in Delaware include a specialist corporation court that has been operating for more than 200 years and only handles corporation cases under Delaware law. Residency is not required to set up and operate a Delaware Corporation.