Uncertainties or not, the UK still holds financial merit that we shouldn’t overlook.

We understand that in these uncertain times, Brexit is an added cause for concern. As a UK based firm we appreciate that Brexit raises up some tough questions regarding public companies and investment opportunities.

The fact remains that London is one of the biggest financial players in the world, it achieved this by being above all else resilient. Therefore, regardless of Brexit, its financial dominance is unlikely to face significant change.

The economy, investment opportunities and the value of the pound are, like everything, ever changing. They will have their peaks just as they will have their drops. European countries aren’t going to stop hundreds of years of trade with the UK because our EU status has changed.

Here at Swordblade & Co we often set up UK public limited companies because we see the financial gains from doing so. Although located in the UK, we aren’t limited to stock exchanges here. If we envisage your company will do better, say, in Europe, then we will recommend you list on Vienna MTF or Nasdaq First North in Copenhagen.

As UK based consultants we receive many questions regarding Brexit, and rightly so. Many of our clients worry about the implications that leaving the EU could have for their investment opportunities. In many cases their fears aren’t warranted. The realms of finance will always carry with it an element of risk but Brexit doesn’t necessary mean there will be any added risk.

Should I still consider listing in the UK?

Absolutely, yes! We advise many of our clients, especially those who have mostly British investors to continue listing in the UK. If your company would benefit from investors throughout Europe then we will recommend a stock exchange accordingly.

Many investors come from the UK and it doesn’t matter to them if they do business in or out of Europe. Their main focus is on the company they’re looking to invest in, and what they can achieve from this.

The UK has far simpler listing methods than many other countries do. Due to over-the-counter methods of practise shares here are far easier to manage than elsewhere.

London’s position in the financial world

When it comes to financial hubs, then London is up there with New York in terms of influence. Although Brexit brings with it many uncertainties, London’s financial district isn’t going anywhere. The UK remains committed to making sure that many of the EU laws stay applicable, including ones relevant to financial supervision and banking regulations.

Many British financial institutions want to work together with Europe to maintain a cooperative relationship that works in both their favours. Whether a part of the EU or not, the UK is still an influential player in the world of trade deals, finance, and thriving companies.

Although the Brexit deal is currently in the transitional period, there is no reason to believe that trade deals won’t continue to function in much the same way as before.

Next Steps

If your company is planning to go public and raise funds on the capital markets, we look forward to hearing from you.

The easiest way to get started is to request a free evaluation. By providing minimal information about your company and capital needs, we will be able to provide you with a quick assessment by email. In most cases we can tell you if your business is ready to go public, or not yet.

We’ll also let you know if we think that Swordblade & Co are a good fit for your flotation plans, and anything else that we may think can help you.

Alternatively, if you are ready to talk in depth about floating your company, we recommend you arrange a paid consultation with one of our partners. It can usually be scheduled within a few days and is the fastest way to get detailed advice.