Welcome to London!

Hello from Swordblade & Co.

Dear Entrepreneur,

My name is Sebastian, and I am the CEO of Swordblade & Co.

I want to reach out to you as you embark on the journey towards going public. As with all ventures, the start is both exciting and daunting. There are many challenges and obstacles to overcome, and it’s normal to feel cautious and eager to succeed at the same time.

Transitioning from a private enterprise to a public one is a complex process that will forever change your business. Your company will face intense public scrutiny by investors, competitors and market analysts. You’ll have to disclose information such as sales figures, executives’ salaries, profits, and contracts with major customers at regular intervals. These are things you never had to do as a private operation. Addressing ongoing compliance and regulatory requirements while endeavouring to meet shareholder and market expectations will come as something of a culture shock.

The secret to success is preparation, which is where Swordblade & Co come in. We are a dedicated team of professionals specialising in planning, managing and executing a complex array of activities involved in going public. Our strength lies in taking the concrete steps to turn our clients’ dreams and ideas into reality.

With a wealth of experience and a proven track record in helping companies go public in the world’s leading markets, we can help you at every stage of the process. Then as you prepare for life as a public company and beyond, we can provide you with ongoing guidance and advice.

If you’re thinking about going public as a means to creating a brighter future for your company, we look forward to helping you get there.

Yours Faithfully,
Sebastian Sauerborn