London Capital Market Advisers to Growing Companies: Go Public & Raise Funds in the UK, US & Europe

Calculate the potential market value of your small cap company with our easy-to-use market cap (market capitalisation) calculator. Discover your company’s estimated worth and estimated initial market cap in seconds.  This key information that investors want to know is just a few mouse clicks away.

Public companies face more scrutiny than private enterprises, particularly around financial performance. So, how can you be sure you’re ready to be put under such a microscope? Our Going Public Readiness Check will help you understand where your company stands and whether going public is right for you now.

Brexit has happened, and the United Kingdom is no longer a member of the European Union. Although many rules have changed, the UK is still a highly attractive place to invest and grow, rich with opportunities for national and international companies.

Stock Markets We Recommend

Choosing where to list is one of the most critical steps to consider after deciding to go public. As financial markets become increasingly global, companies have a lot more choices. We recommend the following:

US Entrepreneurs, Take Your Company Public in Europe!

It’s Faster… It’s Easier… And it Comes With Benefits Simply Not Available With OTCBB & Pink Sheets

Strategies For Going Public

By going public, private companies can raise funds, access deep liquidity pools and provide original investors with an exit. But what are the different ways for a business to end up on a stock exchange?

Why Choose Swordblade & Co?

We believe it’s essential to have experienced advisers in your corner to help you navigate the complex process of going public. UK-based Swordblade & Co advises and guides talented and ambitious entrepreneurs worldwide who want to grow their companies. We work across diverse industries, providing highly customised services to a wide range of clients: from small caps to major multinationals.

Although we don’t raise capital, we’ll identify a dream team of service professionals such as accountants and legal experts to help you become a publicly traded entity. We know the challenges growing companies face and will draw on our extensive knowledge and experience to guide you to a successful entry into the public arena.

Our track record is not only measured on our results but also our many client testimonials. We take great pride in our international business roots and put our expertise at your disposal so we can grow together. We know that when your company succeeds, so do we.